Department of Environmental

The Department of Environment will support the minister in all aspects of environmental conservation for the Ministry. The Director of Environment will be responsible for the supervision of the sections in this department. The proposed functions of the Department will be:



  • To be responsible for the enforcement of legislation regarding the protection of water, air and soil.
  • To maintain and enforce a comprehensive environmental impact assessment function (EIA) that is applied to all projects that may have an impact on the environment in GoSL. 
  • To generate proposals and recommendations for the Minister on matters related to the EIA function.
  • Make decisions on the types of approvals for the given proposals and documents in accordance with the EIA regulations
  • Conduct the EIA and prepare EIA reports
  • Maintain environmental sanitation data and related developments including spot checking the areas of concern.
  • Identify the necessary interventions to improve the situation and carry out follow up assessments.
  • Assist in setting and assessing achievements of sanitation goals for GoSL
  • Prepare and carry out environmental sanitation related activities in collaboration with other relevant agencies.
  • To maintain and operate an environmental compliance and enforcement unit.
  • Investigate any activities that may be in violation of the environmental legislation
  • Recommend law enforcement methodologies in accordance with the existing legal framework.