Department of Finance and Administration

The Department provides support to the operational arm of the ministry, through the provision and maintenance of a well-motivated workforce as well as ensuring the efficient management of the Commission’s facilities. It is a consolidation of all central support services at the MoERD, which in turn will provide for improved coordination of existing financial, and administration resources and services. It also provides oversight of the Information Technology Unit and manages the Ministry’s vehicle fleet.


•          Support in the management of cash flow and expenditure of finances as per the allocations;

•          Maintain bookkeeping, accounting records and statements;

•          Manage all accounts receivable and payables

•          Plans, organizes and co-ordinates the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment and services for the ministry

•          Develops, implements and monitors a procurement plan for the Ministry

•          Advise on the appropriate procurement methods to be used for procurement of goods and consultancy services under the project