Rangeland and Forestry 
The Department of Rangeland and Forestry will support the minister in all aspects of rangeland and forestry conservation for the Ministry.
rangeland and forestry will be responsible for the supervision of the sections in this department. The proposed functions of the Department will be:
  • To manage MoECC forest wardens and guards to ensure effective delivery of enforcement activities.
  • Recommend law enforcement methodologies in accordance with the existing legal framework
  • Ensure the implementation of forestry-related policies, programs, and development projects
  • Promote and regulate the sustainable and efficient production and marketing of rangelands and forest products
  • Promote community-based rangelands and forestry conservation, management, and utilization to ensure sustainably
  • Formulate policies, legislations, standards, and plans for the development of Government of  Somaliland Environmental compliance officers
  • Establish and manage an effective natural resources management and utilization extension service
  • Develop and implement a natural resources management and development strategy for GoSL
  • Promote the development and adaptation of appropriate technology in the field of environment
  • Provide technical assistance and training to community-based organizations and local.