The mandate of the Department
The mandate of the Urban Environment Development Department (UEDD) is to support cities and towns in the country to develop sound policies and procedures that will address waste management, air pollution and transport, urbanization, infrastructure, green spaces and climate change impact on the urban setting.

The functions of this department include:

  • Highlighting the impact of urbanization on urban greenery
  • Suggest practices and methods for protecting and enhancing urban greenery in a sustainable manner
  • Develop the appropriate Policy strategies relating to both transport and industry, in particular in urban environment, to reduce air and noise pollution, improve water and air quality and promote clean development for healthier lives and better economic opportunities.
  • Identify the key stages in planning and development where urban greenery may be integrated with the built environment
  • Develop sound Climate Change Action Plan in line with Somaliland National development Plan, Somaliland National Climate change Policy, and or international development standard about climate change impact on the urban setting.
  • Recommend suitable guidelines for enhancing urban greens.
  • Ensure the integration of urban environmental concerns in overall national planning through coordination with the relevant Ministries, departments, Local Municipality Authorities, and agencies of the Government.
  • Organize and support quarterly and annual review meetings related to Waste Management practice in urban areas of Somaliland
  • Liaise with the private sector, (Water Companies, Plastic or Bio-bags factors), intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental agencies, and governmental agencies of other states of issues relating to the urban environment
  • Perform such other functions as the Ministry may assign to the Department

Sections of the Department

  • Pollution and Waste Management Section
  • Urban Greening Growth Section
  • Urban Environment Management