Meeting About JPLG Program

The Minister of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of Somaliland alongside with the Director General of the Ministry and the head of the Department of Sanitation and urban Development held an important meeting
with the top leaders of the JPLG.Minister Shukri welcomed the newly appointed JPLG Program Manager (JPLG Program Manager Mr. Petrus Valero) who will take over from the former manager Paul Simkin who has worked with-
Somaliland for a long time.In addition to appreciation and acquaintance, there was a special discussion on how to create a wider program for the environment and climate change within the JPLG project,which helps local governments
in the country with resilience and community empowerment projects in terms of environmental protection and adaptation to climate change.The meeting, which lasted several hours, ended with a good consensus and long-term cooperation.