On the 22nd and 23rd of November, the Government of Somaliland under the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change hosted the first climate change consultation meeting titled, “National Consultation Meeting on Climate Change Impact on Somaliland”. It is well known that in recent years, the environment has become a key issue that needed to be addressed in Somaliland. The main environmental issues that affect this region include but are not limited to recurrent droughts, floods, and soil erosion.

During the consultation meeting, many distinguished leaders spoke on the issues at hand namely, the Vice President, Minister of Environment and Climate change, Minister of Agricultural Development, Director General of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, and others. Together, they stressed the need for climate action now as well as a commitment to tackle these issues in a united manner as evidenced by the World Bank supporting the initiative of the ‘Biyoole’ project.
The consultation meeting underscored the need to pivot the narrative of climate and water security, by focusing on threats and advancing resilience, climate change adaption, and sustainable development.

At the end of the second day of the meeting, Minister Shukri H.Ismail Mohamoud Bandare congratulated the participants for keeping the issue of climate change at the front and the center of focus in each of their work portfolios and their strident commitment to help deliver an outcome that will satisfy both rural and urban communities of Somaliland In her closing remarks, she emphasized that the Ministry will continue to lead the charge within the government of Somaliland to keep its promise of achieving the Somaliland Vision 2030 with respect to a green and safe environment for all.